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Phone Psychic NZ

In this modern world, people are interested in phone psychic readings in NZ. To many New Zealanders, it is an advantage to know what your future holds. There are two main ways to access, call, and receive a Robin King psychic reading. Either through our premium call service or our credit card line. 

If you were looking to find the best site then Robin King is for you. If you are looking for a psychic in New Zealand then you must follow some effective tips such as be specific. Select a psychic listed to chat too with minimal cost, register, and chat. There are many types of phone psychics readers. Such as astrology, cleromancy, palm reading, psychometry, and palm reading. They can all be helpful for predicting your future.

 Get the answers with one easy call

Receiving accurate answers will increase your selfconfidence and after the end of the reading. You might be excited about the possibilities and futures which life has given you. Psychic reading is one of the best ways to validate your thoughts, make sense of the things, used to move on, and inspire you so try to choose the best reader.

Click on our reader’s page and choose who you would like to call. Then register with their portal so then you will be connected you with the physic which you chose.

Phone Bill Readings 

Call 0900 30303 

Call costs $3.99 per minute + GST/ no extra charges for mobile

  1. Listen to the Welcome psychic Pre-amble message.
  2.  Press ”0” to proceed.
  3. Follow the voice prompts on the menu to access the available online psychic Readers.
  4. Either the choose the psychic you want a reading from by entering their personal pin or let fait decide and we will connect you with the next available reader.

Credit Card Readings 

  • Call 0800 080 290
  1. Listen to Welcome Psychic message and follow the voice prompts on the menu.
  2. Choose a psychic by entering their personal pin or let fait decide and connect with the next available reader.
  3. Choose a value pre-packaged minute bundle.
  4. Enter your valid credit card details.
  5. Once approved get connected with the live psychic reader of your choice

. $3.99 per minute + GST.

Robin King – World Renowned Psychic

Psychic Readings NZ

We have 3 Pre-Paid Value Bundles for credit Card Billing;

  1. 20mins = $79.99
  2. 40mins = $159.99
  3. 60mins = $239.99

Psychic Instant Messenger Chat

  1. Click on the “Live IM Chat” Button

  2. In the new window Choose the Live IM Chat Reader you wish to chat with.
  3. Either create a new account or log on to your existing account.
  4. Choose a value IM Chat credit value package.
  5. Pay via Pay Pal.

Psychic IM Chat Price Value Packages

    10 credits = $25

    20 credits = $45

    40 credits = $80

Services from an experienced clairvoyant reader in New Zealand

Qualified and dedicated clairvoyants get recognition and satisfied clients throughout NZ. By providing accurate answers to your problems. If you are willing to identify the number one clairvoyance service online, then you can take note of unbiased reviews of services from every experienced Robin King clairvoyant in New Zealand. You will be amazed at the overall quality of services. We encourage you to take advantage of the best psychic services available. We aim to inspire everyone who uses our services and to help them gain great insight into the spiritual world.

Call one of our powerful psychic Clairvoyants, today!

All our powerful readers in NZ have reached the highest level of training in the market and are always available for your call.

Our power readings will give you a massive insight into your love life, your financial world, and many other areas of need. Our readers are well trained in horoscopes and are able to identify where your zodiac sign. We also specialize in astrology and are able to make accurate predictions over the telephone.

Our call rates are $3.99 per minute with no extra charges for mobiles.

You must be over 18 years old and over. Have the credit card holders permission or phone owners permission to call our lines.

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