Tarot readings can change your life forever

The team at FLQ Psychics has a team of gifted clairvoyants who have mastered the art of tarot card readings. With more than 50 years of experience in the field they are well qualified to make the most effective use of the tarot as a means of divination. They will give you accurate answers that they get from the spirit realm.
Tarot Cards are an extremely popular and accurate way to learn about the future. This could be done online or through Tarot readings over the phone with FLQ team members. There are a variety of decks of tarot cards and you get to take your pick. Whatever deck is chosen the answers they give you will be the same for all spreads. The psychic reader acquires information from every card to confirm what they convey to you. This is accomplished through advanced spiritual techniques known as medium ship, clairvoyance, clairsentience etc.

Some of the popular card spreads used in tarot readings in New Zealand

Celtic Cross: Commonly used by most card readers, it offers a detailed insight into different areas of an individual’s life. It will help you to arrive at an informed decision by examining your past, present and future. Whether you have queries related to finance, career, family or relationships you will get an accurate resolution for all your concerns. You need to focus on the area you want to learn about when consulting with the medium.

Past Life Spread: The past does influence the present and the future and opting for a past life spread reading will give you a clear insight into any problems you might be facing. They will guide you how to overcome the current crisis by informing you of any karmic lessons or debts to be resolved.

Astrological Spread: For this special tarot readings session you need not have a specific query as each card is representative of an astrological sign and is interpreted with the corresponding house. It will reveal detailed information about all key area including concerns, challenges, family, career and relationships etc.

Relationship Spread: Relationships can be challenging area for most of us and thankfully through the relationship spread interpreted by our expert mediums, it can be made more successful and emotionally satisfying. The cards show your present relationships and what the future holds for the both of you.

Tree of Life Spread: One of the most comprehensive card spreads that examine every aspect of your life spiritually, physically and emotionally through tarot readings. It offers a very clear insight into the direction your life is headed. They give a detailed explanation of what drives you, your creativity and the ideals you subscribe to.

If you are in New Zealand or Australia or any part of the world, if you want the most effective tarot card reading the FLQ team of tarot New Zealand offers the best in the business.